Regarding behavioural outcomes, few reviews have been carried out, displaying that games offer a plethora of opportunities for collaborative learning, enhance interactivity and suggestions among gamers, and develop social and delicate abilities as well. Some other research contradict these findings, in a method that they don’t reveal positive effects of video games (Young et al., 2012; Girard et al., 2013; Merchant et al., 2014), or reveal a rather neutral impact (de Smale et al., 2015). In these evaluations, video games and simulations appear to have some or no positive effects on data and skills acquisition when evaluating with conventional educational strategies. Students attaining excessive scores respond more positively to online games compared to low achieving students. Regarding genre perceptions, male students categorical more enthusiasm towards digital gaming than feminine students, or a minimum of spend extra time playing computer games compared to girls (Hainey et al., 2011).

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