We now carry up the name of Daunte Wright, who was killed by a police officer on Sunday, April 11th, roughly 10 miles from where Derek Chauvin was on trial for murdering George Floyd. We also uplift the name of Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old Latino child, killed by police in Chicago. Closer to home, we still await justice for the killing of Elijah McClain by police in Aurora.


I’ve always admired the robust resilient ladies in my family, whether or not they have been passionate homemakers and/or career-driven visionaries. Malala Yousafzai, who is a Muslim Pakistani girl is a real role mannequin for me, and someone I resonate with. Books which have inspired me are I Am Malala, an autobiography, and Little Women, which focuses more on womanhood, sisterhood and feminine empowerment. I hope to deliver a different voice, a special perspective and a model new set of ideas to create a optimistic influence in my group. I love holding management roles, that’s why I’m a pupil representative of IBE and eLearning at the moment. I use these roles to help ladies who’re too afraid to talk up about an issue at college or every time their voice isn’t heard.

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