Net Profit is the measurement of a store’s revenue once operating costs, taxes, curiosity, and depreciation have been subtracted from its complete revenues. It is an essential indicator to know the health of your factors of sale and to build a successful retailer community. By evaluating sales over completely different time periods, Franchise Managers can determine the performance of a retailer. Comparable-store gross sales not solely give an image of the performance of a store in a given region, but they’ll additionally give an concept of the performance of a retailer within the total community. Franchise Managers use Comparable-Store Sales to measure sales development and evaluate the performance of existing stores relative to a model new store. Gross sales are the total sale transactions within a sure time interval.

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After getting an answer to your question of ‘what does franchise mean? ’ you must be curious to know the top 10 international franchises or a few of the greatest franchise examples. Shopping center franchise tenants are required to report their month-to-month sales to the landlord.

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