Or quite it was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-BattenbergThe Queen has massive investments in America – Virginia Company underneath James I and SirFrancis Bacon which carved up those lands from the very begin. The British Crown nonetheless owns America and, with the London-based Brotherhood, the Queen enjoys an amazing revenue from the raw materials and other income generated by the United States . Russian-nazi BEINGS have setup elaborate infiltrators in all of our society. They are sending up SOYUZ rockets like crazy now. A secret area war is occurring now.

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ThisIsNotAnonymous-I am a watchman on the wall, have been watchin, now I am telling DISCLOSURE …Satan superplot meant to separate children of god from their religion by various technique of mindcontrol and cosmic alters. I learn about 1119year and St Bernard. I know why DaVinci didn’t use any purple pigment in the second version of Madonna on the Rocks and why on this model he made the individuals so falsely over-white.

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