Orchestrated to blame the peaceful MUSLIM, so that WW3 turns into a GLOBAL RACE WAR. 3d/4d LOCKDOWN is about to lure the VAMPIRE goDS and their 666 SLAVES into MIDDLE-UPPER EARTH HELL. THE CENTRAL SUN, INNER WORLD will gather the CHILDREN cabal murders for melanin to capture gentle that they’ll NEVER HAVE entry to.). Israel’s so small as a outcome of it’s only in regards to the size of New Jersey. Right in the course of all those Israel, right there dealing with at some point a looming warfare with Russia, or Rosh. H20 // SERENITY GLOBAL UNITE GLOBALLY right into a USURY FREE COOPERATIVE.

Make Me Pleased With You Shawn Atleo Be The Chief That Leads Canada We Need An Actual Man To Take Charge

Meanwhile, these “space pods” the Love & Light individuals are ready for, nicely, we all know they can take whoever they need. They already received 250,000 pre-selected. Melchizedek mentioned, with so much headache we are getting and the way folks don’t want to be taught and like Puffy speak, they anticipate extra.

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Another common denominator amongst these operatives is their Church of Satan associations. Activists protesting multi-national companies, and their legal management over politics and economics, are thought of “subversives” to their COINTELPRO. This operation is paying homage to J. These covert operators embrace Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps–journalists allied with Timothy Patrick White, “Dr. True Ott,” Doug Millar, Xena Carpenter,and some others.

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This group was discovered constantly speaking their advocacy for the well-known FBI/CIA operative Ted Gunderson, who is among the many nation’s leading consultants on pedophilia, satanic networks, and childtrafficking. Aquino’s Church of Set, and various other of the suspects named herein, have a lengthy historical past of psychopathic/sociopathic indicators. Church of Set ideologies, satanic sacrifices, murders, selfloathing, cross-dressing, youngster kidnapping. Child trafficking, and sexual perversions, particularly pedophila, are linked by quite a few internet articles to Aquino, Gunderson, their greater ups in the Bush-Cheney directed CIA.

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