Another frequent denominator amongst these operatives is their Church of Satan associations. Activists protesting multi-national firms, and their legal management over politics and economics, are thought of “subversives” to their COINTELPRO. This operation is reminiscent of J. These covert operators embody Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps–journalists allied with Timothy Patrick White, “Dr. True Ott,” Doug Millar, Xena Carpenter,and a few others.

Make Me Happy With You Shawn Atleo Be The Chief That Leads Canada We Want An Actual Man To Take Charge

They rewrote the books and altered the hieroglyphs and statues. SHETU – loyal to ENLIL, wiped out our memories and later kicked out Marduk and continued with the RA LEGIONs. SO KISS and MAKE UP. We want a SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE and it’s coming from the CANADIAN MOSAIC. Bahrain, Libya, and so on had been instigated by the SAME individuals who instigated and destroyed Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Africa, and so on and now the Middle East. The SAME people who put America into huge debt. Original HOLY GRAIL TEMPLARS WORSHIPPED SOPHIA (Mother GODDESS, HEBREW BAPHOMET, Inanna ), NOT the HORNED GOD PAN. This has been hijacked and inquisitioned, like all the DIVINE FEMININE ARTS, and WOMEN have been made sub human.

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Where are the murdering REPTIODS from AREA 51? DANGEROUS MAN. SATAN KUMARA should have saved us way back. Why is he hiding his sorry ass? Cause he’s the controller of the DRACO REPTIODS.

CitiBank also recommended shopping for water shares in August. Harper’s MP Chong assistant advised us we must always give the water to the us for “humanitarian” reasons as a substitute of promoting it. Underground limestone going to the united states and China is not going to be out there to Canadians. Ultimately, the quarry that shall be shaped will lead to fresh water that might be shipped to the United States and Israel. Natives and farmers shown right here additionally protested Dump Site forty one whereby the McGuinty government tried to prepare the theft of the purest water there.

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