Tsilhqot’in Nation has gone to court in an try to block Taseko Mines Ltd. from doing any preparatory work on its controversial new Prosperity mine in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. VATICAN PROSTITUTE-Prime Minister Stephen Harper has gone back to the ranks of the Mounties and has chosen Bob Paulson as the following commissioner of the RCMP. Paulson, who served with the Canadian Forces and skilled as a jet pilot before joining the RCMP 25 years in the past, spent most of his policing career in British Columbia. Men will war due to IGNORANCE- DIE protecting their BLOOD OATH SINs and EGOS. CALIFORNIA/WASHINGTON/HOLLYWOOD/$$$ is bringing within the PHOENIX/NWO via MEDIA, UFO’s, NESARA and PROJECT BLUEBEAM.

Make Me Pleased With You Shawn Atleo Be The Chief That Leads Canada We Need An Actual Man To Take Charge

Find a scale upon which thou canst convey to concord the burden of my ways with thine. If I ought to give thee the Universe to heap upon thy side of the dimensions thou shalt be discovered wanting in that day. Sun’s movement across the sky represents a struggle between the Pharaoh’s soul and an avatar of Osiris. Ra travels throughout the sky in his solar-boat; at daybreak he drives away the demon Apep of darkness. The “solarisation” of several native gods (Hnum-Re, Min-Re, Amon-Re).

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Saturn is in many ways the testing angel, the angel of Job and the guardian of Eden in biblical literature. He is Ammit, the eater of unworthy hearts, and Ereshkigal, theSumerian goddess of the underworld to whom all of us should, ultimately, submit to to maneuver past what we already are. The stunning rainbow will disappear as a end result of folks won’t keep in mind to maintain the Mother Earth sacred and will destroy its beauty. Ash-sha`b yurid isqat an-nizam – “The individuals wish to bring down the regime”. Arab Spring- Arabic Rebellions or the Arab Revolutions is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring within the Arab world.

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